Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures!

The wedding quilt is done. It is washed, and dried, and folded up into its storage bag. It took three tries to get the label on, but it is on. Whew!
This is a close-up of the quilting. I LOVE it! I always leave it up to the quilter to pick a pattern. I told her it was a wedding quilt, and that maybe hearts would be too corny. But don't you just love it! I do! To me it looks like a meandering vine with heart-shaped leaves. It was the perfect balance for the geometric-ness of the blocks. I am very pleased with the outcome!

And this week I finished the sage-dyed romney wool. I started it a while back, but I just putzed along with it. It came out really a pretty soft green, and it is more of a semi-solid shading. I am finishing up the red wool that I started mixing and quit mixing. I will have to see if it enough to do a pair of socks. If there is enough yardage it will be gifted to a friend of mine who has requested some sock yarn. It is coincidental that it is her favorite colorway. I hope, hope, hope there is enough yardage.
Wow! There is some serious thunder overhead right now. It is too early for a Spring storm, but here it is.
I have the wandering-itis, and I really have been perusing fiber shows, etc. The difficulty is the cost. My gosh! It is getting to be just too expensive to go on a trip. The cost of gas is going to sky-rocket, and the headlines today mentioned airline prices are going up too. The other downside is now fiber shows are getting to be too expensive. Now that fiber-related stuff is zooming along, so are the prices for the workshops. I think the marketers think that we are rich. Well, there are some rich people, but there are some not-rich people too.
I am trying out some new ideas. I signed up for an online course in Shibori dyeing of silk. I think the ideas I learn will be able to translate to other fabrics as well. I am excited to learn something new. I got my packet of dyes and materials, and now I just wait for the class.
I think the internet use for classes makes sense to me. I can't afford the cost of travel, and the cost on the internet is much cheaper than taking a class at a fiber show.
My friend CJE called yesterday and told me she sold her first short story. It will be in a collection that is coming out in March!
It is getting darker, so I guess a storm is brewing! Yikes! It is only February. I hope this doesn't mean a long storm season this Spring! I hate Spring storms. So unpredictable and unstable!
I am now floundering around looking for a new project that inspires me. I am looking through old magazines and studying patterns. Surely the knitting thing will start again. I just don't want to knit. I don't know what's wrong! Usually I have a pair of plain-ole-socks on the needles and I can trudge along through these hiatuses (spelling?). Nada on the socks. I just don't want to knit.
At least I am still spinning. I am listening to the stupidest book on tape. I go to NetLibrary and download audiobooks. This one is stupid. I should just quit listening, but I have a thing about just quitting a book. But this may be a good thing to do with this one. I don't have to concentrate and I just kind of zone out as I am spinning. It is a pleasant way to pass some time.
Oh! Another sign of weather changes-Noodles starts screaming at 7:30 am. I am still locking his cat door at night, and he wants out. He goes by light and his light-clock says it is time to go out! I was in a very deep sleep and dreaming when he started his yowling this morning. It took some time to arouse myself and come out of sleep. But he was very persistent. Even Patty got into the game and started nosing me. I was not a happy camper-needless to say! I looked at the clock and saw 7:48 a.m. I groaned and tried to just lie there a while. No luck! YOWL! NUDGE, NUDGE! SIGH!
It is raining now! Guess I better get off the computer for a while.
Hope you have good plans for the weekend! Enjoy!

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