Sunday, February 6, 2011

Clown Socks-Check!

Here's the pink socks drying on the rack in the laundry. Okay-why clown socks! Well, really-look at that pink yarn! Someone left it on the table during a stash exchange. I just stuck the balls of yarn in my bag while cleaning off the table after our meeting. Somewhere I wondered what to do with it. So the only thing I could think would tame the colors would be to use a solid. Try to find a solid pink sock yarn that would go with those colors and I ended up with this light pink. I found the Scandinavian Pattern Socks in the Little Book of Socks by Charlene Schurch. And now I have these really loud, pink stranded knit socks! We had such a lovely day yesterday! It actually got above freezing, the sun was shining, and some melting got done. There is a crunch now in the snow from the ice on top. Today we have clouds again, and the weather people say more snow. We will see. Then another mess on Wednesday. Really! Can't we just get on with Spring?

So for the first time in a long, long time, I have no socks on the needles! Can that be? Not even baby socks! So I finished the grey socks and the pink socks, and do I need more socks? I thought I could do a pair for H for her birthday in March. Maybe. But I am happy to focus on the sweater right now. I am still going to get going on the afghan for my nephew. Isn't it strange to not have a ton of projects going at one time? Maybe. But it feels good just to focus.

There is a show on NBC called "Who Do You Think You Are?" It is focused on famous people, but it is really interesting to me. I gave up on genealogy last year. But then I see this show. I think the question I want to answer right now is "What is Steve's story?" He was my paternal grandfather. He died in 1945 at the age of 42. I didn't realize until a while after my grandmother's death that she never ever talked about him. I think as a child we hear stories that our parents, grandparents, and maybe great-grandparents (in my case anyway) tell us. It is the story that they want us to know at that time. I know my grandmother's story before Steve and after Steve. But I know nothing about them as a couple. How did she meet him? Where did she meet him? I have found pictures of them together, especially with my father. So I tried at one time to find out the flow chart of genealogy with the usual searches of census records. I have found that frustrating because it allows ten years in between. There are large gaps. So I stopped and put it away. So today I am starting a new tactic. I have ordered his death and birth certificates. Maybe that can give me more info about his parents. I hope anyway. I just want to know Steve's story.

Well, let's see. It's Sunday. I am listening to NPR, and I am going to spend the day spinning the green yarn. And wait for the weather to change.

Have a good week. Be safe and watch out for the ice!

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