Monday, February 21, 2011

This Is Only a Sneak Preview!

I have a few friends that think the latest weather is Spring. No this is not Spring. This is not a green-up Spring. This is February. Not March. I know it is so pleasant to sit out in the sun and be warm. But in the shade it is still coolish. The ground is not totally thawed yet. It is just mucky on the surface. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

We have gotten snow even into April, although it is a wet, sloppy snow that melts quickly. But it just means that it is not Spring yet. I mentioned last year that my friend in Little Rock always called it the Snow Tire and Daffodil Festival days. My daffs are just peeking up. My girlfriend CF has buds that are ready to open. Who knows?

I ordered a few new seeds in January, and I am just waiting until after the Equinox to think about it.

I haven't been knitting much. I just am working on the handspun sweater. I am almost ready to begin the lace part.

What I have been working on is the quilt for my son and daughter-in-law. I got it back from the quilter last week, got the binding sewn on, and now I am doing the handwork. I am slow and it will take this week to finish all four sides of the binding. I will put the label on, wash it, and then off it will go to Little Rock. I am so pleased with it. The quilter put scrolling vining meandering around the quilt and hearts hanging from the vines that look like leaves. It is so pretty. It makes the quilt.

Last weekend was the Home and Garden Show. Somehow the Garden part was forgotten. There was one landscaper there. The most expensive stuff was displayed everywhere. To me it was so frivolous. Who needs faucets that look like sculptures? I just need a plain-ole showerhead that sprays water and rinses the soap off. I guess some folks have been watching the DIY shows on t.v. There was tons of outdoor "rooms" set up with very expensive furniture, lamps, umbrellas, etc. There was the most expensive set of washer/dryers I've ever seen. They were very pretty. But who can afford that much money for a set like that?

I did visit with my girlfriend JE. Her business was there and she and her parents manned the booth. She stopped by Saturday night to unwind before coming home. We caught up on magazines and books I have gotten since I last saw her. I didn't have much knitting to show her. Just the clown socks and the gray socks. She has seen everything else. And I did show her the quilt, since I was sewing on the binding when she came over. I showed her the latest spinning projects. That's it. Not much, huh?

I have been going through some weird dream cycles lately. I have these dreams that I call "story dreams". They are like a t.v. movie or something. It is hard to describe. I often wonder why I have these kinds of dreams, but it has been happening all my life in certain cycles. I just know that eventually I will cycle out of these and into another type of dream.

I drove up to Harrison to pick up my quilt last week. I took some back roads and went to visit my friend CF afterwards. We went into Jasper and had lunch, and then I headed home over the mountain route. I did not see any elk or any of the swans in Boxley Valley. But it is interesting to observe all the shades of gray, gray-brown, and the various greens of everygreens. I like the tones this time of year. They are very soft and muted. I always think of watercolors this time of year. That soft bleed of color around the shadows. It makes me want to paint again.

Today is a rainy day. It is a female rain with wind and cooler weather. It is soaking into the ground easily. The chickweed and early weeds are quite happy. The heavy bell I have is making a nice deep tone next to the tinkling of the wind chimes. Noodles is going in and out of the cat door this morning and he seems to be eating quite a bit. That is always a sign that it is cooler.

Have a good week. Just relax. Spring will come; it always does. I am as antsy as the next person. But I will not fool myself into thinking "This is IT!" We still have to get through March.

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