Friday, January 28, 2011

At Least The Sun Is Shining!

The weather is so weird! Now this week has been milder weather with a lot of sunshine. Then next week we are going back to frigid weather again! Sigh! I know it is boring to keep on harping about the weather.

I have finished the quilt top. I want to get a backing together and send this off to the quilter to finish the quilting. So the wedding quilt is a little bit late. I don't think they will mind.

That has been my whole focus this week has been the quilt. I did go outside and work at picking up more trash in the side yard. The former owners just dumped their trash on the ravine side, and they had a burn pile there also. Last winter I did not pick up much, but I am making an effort to pick up more this year. It is an endless job, since a lot of it is piled upon one another. Just as one pile is unearthed, picked up, and taken away, there is another mess underneath it. Really what is needed is to shovel it out, but where do I put it? I did hire someone to do that with the most obvious metal and upper layer when I first moved in. The local dump is very, very expensive.

I did finish that skein of yarn to finish my handspun sweater. I am back to that again. I am on the waist shaping stage, and have to keep up with that with the cable pattern.

I went to Thursday night knitting last night. Darn! My LYS, HandHeld, has roving now. Shoot! I had to buy one, but gosh! did I really need another thing to spin? I have a lifetime supply as it is. I have a pile that I started of "play" fiber that I want to get to soon. If I can motivate myself, I will have some really pretty yarn by Spring.

Patty just came home last night from the hospital. She has been undergoing heartworm treatment. Evidently she was negative for mature adult worms when she got rescued last February, but there were eggs or larvae that matured in the time I have had her. She tested positive on her yearly checkup. I have been giving her the monthly treatments, but that only kills eggs or larvae. Now I have to watch her like a hawk for the next two weeks for any symptoms that might occur from the treatment. She also is on an antibiotic for the bacteria that come with heartworms, and baby aspirin for thinning her blood. There is always a chance that a dead worm segment can morph into a blockage in a blood vessel, and, like a clot, can kill her. She seems to be pretty much back to her normal happy self since she is no longer contained in a cage. She was pretty depressed when I picked her up yesterday, but she seems to be really perky this morning.

There is a young adolescent male cat hanging around here lately. Noodles is beside himself trying to defend his territory with a bum leg. He is the aggressive one, not the interloper. The little guy is very friendly, and does not look malnourished or abandoned. He sure does need a trip to a vet to take care of the wandering gene that goes with that part of his anatomy. He needs to stay home.

The days are getting longer, and it is more light out when there is sunshine. It is the time of the year I start getting antsy for warmer weather. I did order some seeds last week. I am getting ready. I have plans of how I want to do the yard this year. I removed the fencing that took forever to put up, but it is useless. It just made the mowing harder last summer. I can't get the posts out yet. I will have to wait for more of a thaw.

Oh-I did finish the gray socks, and I am still working on the pink socks. But as you notice, I am not knitting very much.

That's it, I guess. Try to stay warm and toasty until the real warm-up comes. These teaser days are a killer for me. But I try to get out in the sun when I can get the sun. Next week I go back to hibernation stage.

Have a good weekend. More later.

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