Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Snow After the Wedding

This is my brother and my niece before the wedding. She was warming up and trying to tune her guitar.
As you can see, the wedding was on the mountain top and it was a sunny, clear day. The wind had died down some, so it wasn't totally frigid, just cold. It was a beautiful day to have a wedding!

My niece is Shelley King, a professional singer from Austin, TX. She sang them a song she had written called "Is There a Reason?" I found it on ITunes yesterday and downloaded it. It was so perfect for their wedding song.

I got this shot with my brother and his wife behind the couple as they climbed up the path to the cars.
So it was an emotional roller coaster all day, and I took the whole day yesterday to recuperate. I thought I was getting a cold, but I guess it was allergies. My cousin emailed me after I sent him pics and said it was too early to tell if I had pneumonia.
So now it time to settle down into the winter's rhythm and knit and sew and stay quiet until it is time to garden again.
We did get a light snow last evening and night. It was not very much, but enough to close the schools because of the rural roads. I had called my brother and told him they needed to head home sooner than later. They ran into snow near Ft. Smith, but once they turned off I40 to go south, it got really bad. So they had a long, slow drive home. Shelley is supposed to fly to New York today for an East Coast tour. I hope she can get there. I think this storm was heading that way.
Well, I will close now and head to the sewing room. I want to knock out a coupla more blocks. I have neglected that for a while and it is time to get back into a routine. I also need to spin up the sweater yarn and get that plied and blocked this week.
Have a good week. Stay warm and keep knitting!

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