Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thanks to my friends that seem to be worried that I have gone underground and have not been out to visit anyone. I have decided maybe hibernation is the correct thing this winter. I DO NOT LIKE COLD anymore. I began hallucinating about where a nice beach would be and wouldn't it be wonderful to just lie in the sun and be WARM. My husband used to tell me that I was a lizard in the wintertime. I would find a nice sheltered place out of the wind to sit in the sun every winter. I found myself standing in front of the french doors in the sun a lot-when there was sun. The cloudy, gloomy days are dreadful. Noodles has been very helpful. He helped me lay this scarf flat to dry. He sits in my lap while I am knitting. He snuggles under the covers at night. He stays close by to get any chance of shared heat.
I really haven't been doing a lot of knitting. Unfinished projects just languish in the piles. I pick them up and work a row or two if I am sitting still. But for the most part I have been sewing on a new quilt top. I made these blocks, and now I am sewing the blocks together. I think there are two more rows to finish. I first sew the row, then sew it to the bigger sewed rows. I have to lay things out to check colors, patterns, etc.
I have been reading a lot, too. I finished two books last week. I am telling you-hibernation. Limited activity.
There was a spurt of energy this past weekend. There was a brief warm-up, and I worked out in the backyard both days. I needed the sun, I needed the exercise, and Patty and Noodles needed company.
I know bears sometimes come out during the warm-ups and maybe eat a few roots. I think that's the idea. Go out in the warm-ups and get a little work done. Then when it is cold again-hibernate some more.
I like this photo of Patty. It sums it up. I had thrown a pile of clothes on the floor while I was in the bathroom. I came out and there was Patty. Is there anything better than Mom's dirty clothes, a sunny spot, and a toy mouse nearby?

So thanks again. I am fine. I am just staying close to home and I don't go out much. But this will pass, as it does every winter. It just seems that each winter that passes becomes the one I hate the most.

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