Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tommorow is July Already!

What happened to June? Well, it feels like July already. It has been hot and HUMID and dry, dry, dry. No rain in sight! My girlfriend in Jasper just called to say they were getting heavy rain. Bleah!

Bugs have invaded the corn, and I have been trying natural things. Just shake your head no, it's not really working well. I do have watermelons coming on. I have just got to pour the water into the plants now.

I have almost finished the pretty yarn. Remember I teased you with that photo of the fleece? I will ply it and block it and then you get a picture.

I did save some of the fleece to mix with some other colors I have. I am into COLOR right now. I even dreamed in color of my quilt I am sewing. I guess summer brings this on everyone. Winter is just a blah time of year, with such little color happening. Summer is rich, vibrant, and bursting with COLOR. I did sneak out to the correopsis the other evening and pick another handful. So I probably have enough of the tinctoria and the hybrid yellow correopsis to make a dyepot. I have a baggie of marigolds, but CJE has been saving her marigolds. So we can put ours together to make a nice dyepot.

I found about 7 baby redbud trees sprouted in the wood mulch pile. I guess there were redbud chips in the pile that got happy. I bought this batch from the Fayetteville city compost lot. They just take a big scooper and fill up the bed of the pickup. I got it late last Fall. Now I have to figure out where to put the babies in the yard. I am so happy to get new trees. The four I planted last Fall have done well. They are growing and healthy looking.

I took a little side trip in my knitting. I am on the second of the baby socks I am knitting. They are not newborn size, but about 6 months size. I will put pics up when I finish them. They are cute. They are fast, easy, and almost done!

I just found out about Angelina. It is a sparkly fiber you can add to your fleece to give it a little shine. I only found out about it because of my Phat Fiber box I got this month. CJE came over and she mentioned it when she was examining the box of stuff. I gave her one of my samples. We went online to find it, and we could not justify buying it. Sorta expensive, although a little goes a long way. I got an email from one of my quilting sources, and sure enough there was Angelina in a sampler pack. Evidently sewers melt it onto fabric to make a sparkly fabric. So I ordered her some. I can't wait to see how much came in the sampler pack. It was a much better price than the spinning sites I had been looking at.

Tomorrow is First Wednesday for our spinning group. It is our sit 'n spin meeting, and I like to go when I can. Everyone is happy and sharing and loud. It is a fun group.

Nothing else new. Just HOT! and DRY! That's nothing new either. Stay cool. Keep spinning and knitting.

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