Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yes! It is Humid!

Baby likes to stretch out under the ceiling fan and get the most exposure to the air.

I have been in a funk as far as knitting goes. I can't get excited and creative when I am hot. I am not going to start anything new until I finish what I have on the needles. I am really close to the end of two things. Yeah! But I am not knitting.

A coupla weeks ago I washed all the Romney white fleece I had left over. I have it piled up like this.

So when I get a few minutes, I run it through the picker to open it up.

Then it goes into a bag to wait until carded or dyed or whatever.

It is just another step in the process. I know it is an insane way to do things. But I cannot fathom why I would spend hours and hours to get it all done right now. I am in no hurry. So I will do it in little bits as time permits. There is enough there to card or dye if that notion hits me. So I will just take my time and do it in little increments.
I am not really happy with this fleece. It is really old. I mean- I have moved twice with the dirty fleece. I just stuck it in a corner when I moved here. Once I got my "new" old electric wringer washer to wash fleece, I dug in the corner and pulled it out. I was appalled that I had let it stay dirty so long. I am ashamed that I neglected a once upon a time nice fleece. So I stupidly used a strong scouring liquid to wash it with. Afterwards I remembered that Romney is not an oily sheep to begin with. So now it is really dry. But it will be okay since my picker and my carder have oil from other fleeces to soften it some. I still have a brown fleece to wash, but I will only use a little Orvus on that one.
This is an orange echinacea. I love all the varieties. This one has very large cone heads.

This is foxglove. I love foxglove. I think it is so pretty with its "bells" and speckles inside.

This is Monarda. It is commonly known as Bee Balm. I love monarda also. This one is the purest red color. The hummingbirds love it. The wild monarda is more of a pinky-purply color. Earl Grey Tea uses monarda as a flavoring.
Close up of the Monarda.

Well, that about covers it all. I am listening to podcasts and picking wool. Nothing exciting going on. Noodles just woke up and looks like he is going out to check out the world. Maybe I need to go weed a little bit. We have had rain and thunderstorms the last two nights. So the ground is soft. And yes, the grass is ready to mow again. YUCK!

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