Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little Bit of Garden Wonder!

I have three kinds of sunflowers in the garden in front. The ones in the back are from the birdfeeder, and are large yellow flowers.
I have a lot of correopsis tincturia, my absolute favorite dye flower. But I cannot get to them before the bees arrive. This morning I was warned by several that I was to get out of the flowers NOW! Consequently I only have a small baggie of flower heads in the freezer so far. The honey bees do not look like the cute fuzzy normal looking honey bees. These are smaller, browner with less stripes, and are very happy in the flower bed. I guess they are country cousins.

The zinnias are really pretty.

Bachelor buttons in three different colorways.

I just loved the way the little flowers were holding up the bigger flower.

And this is a new marigold that I ordered from Johnny's Seeds this year. I cannot remember the name. They are really small, but have vibrant burgundy and gold colors.
The corn is tasseling. I have picked a few squash. I have only gotten one cucumber so far. I have eaten two messes of beans, and I really love the freshness of those. I just bought some Arkansas peaches at a roadway stand this morning. I LOVE peaches when they are in season and really ripe. Like juice running down your chin ripe.

And lastly-ta-da-I finished sewing the quilt top last night. It is beautiful, even though I didn't do anything but sew the pieces together. It was a kit I bought at the quilt show this Spring. The pieces were already laser-cut, and I just had to sew them together. I would never picked out the material that was in this kit on my own. But when I saw the sample, I loved the colorways. I am going to use this as a starting point to decorate the guest bedroom. I think I am going to paint the walls a light turquoise-y blue color. Or maybe a light blue-gray color. I'm not sure. I like the rust-orange-sienna colors. I promise a real picture after I get it quilted and the binding on.

A report on the dyepot. It turned out to be a blah-bland-beige-y color. So I overdyed it pink. I like it better now. I will write off dock seed heads and stalks from my list. I guess if one was wanting a neutral color, this would be fine. But I can get natural colored wool that color, and I want to dye COLOR. So it is now pink.

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