Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can I Tell When The Moon Is Full?

My mind is racing right now. I have so many ideas, and I get distracted and scattered and I am not really getting anything done. Yes-tomorrow is the Full Moon!

Just as I settled down and said I am going to just maintain the yard for the rest of the blasted HOT summer, my girlfriend brings me two weigeilas. Okay-no big deal. Just dig a hole and plant the suckers. Except I can't decide where exactly I want to plant them. They do get big, and they will need water this time of year. So they have to be within watering distance. Then I laid in bed the other night thinking about this problem. Because now it is a problem. Okay. So then I think I need to plan on a big flower bedding on the other side of the yard across from the big bed in front.

Whew! That will require A LOT OF WORK! I can't just stick plants in the ground. I have to prepare the bedding, etc. Just like I did for the other bed. And what kind of flowers do I want to plant? The big bed is a jumble of wildflowers and some annuals, a sorta-kinda English garden style.

Then this morning I went to a garden showing by a local garden club in a nearby yard. OMG! This woman has a husband to die for. He has created all kinds of garden gates-some out of old doors, some out of sticks, a gazebo out of sticks, water gardens, water features - I loved the old watering can that is a fountain. It pours water into a bed of blue glass- too much to think about.

So now I think I will plant the weigeila and use that as a starting point for this new bed. It will take me all summer to prepare the bed for planting. Surely by Fall I can think of what kind of flowers I want to plant. I like the idea of maybe putting an arch with a gate between the two bushes and walkways with small beds of flowers. But I will need to have bushes or tall plants to create a "room".

And yesterday my neighbor allowed me to put some "stuff" in her garage sale. I sold all my yarn I did not want. You know the stuff that is leftover or just odds and ends. I did have one large quantity of wool that I had bought on sale, and never could find the right project. So it is gone now. My futon and mattress is gone. I could not get rid of some of the old stuff, but it could go to Goodwill soon.

I did get more of the tank top knitted while I sat with her yesterday morning. Her husband made us a yummy sandwich for lunch. So it was a productive day, and I made a few dollars.

My grandmother would be appalled that I got rid of that yarn. She never let a piece of yarn go. It would be knitted or crocheted into something-a coaster or something. She was really bad about mixing up yarns that did not go together. So I am sure she would have been upset that I "wasted that yarn". The lady that bought all of it looked like the type that will mix it all up into something like my grandmother. So I don't feel too guilty.

It has been cloudy all day. I did not think we were supposed to get rain this weekend. Just in case, I mowed the yard. I even did the trim work.

Have a great weekend.

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zarah said...

Sounds like that yarn went to someone who will really appreciate it - I think your grandma would be happy. I'm all for getting rid of yarn that doesn't work for you anymore.