Monday, June 15, 2009

A New Week Begins!

The first sunflower! I love sunflowers. I have more that are ready to open their little rays and shine on the world.
Noodles is my go-to kitty when there is work to be done in the garden. As long as there is shade and a cool spot, he is right there. He continues to mow down any catnip I plant. I guess I will have to buy a full-grown plant next time. As soon as he sees me weeding or looking over the garden, he goes to the catnip and searches for a snack to eat.
I quit weeding the front flower bed. The weeds inside the bed have alluded me, and are now going to seed. BUT..... yesterday there were yellow finches eating the seeds. Yeah! My own little helpers. I now have a lot of insect activity going on in the flower bed, as well as a few hummingbirds. That was the purpose of the bed. It may look like it is a wild and woolly mess of flowers, but there is a lot of activity going on. The bumblebees are the loudest complainers when I go out there. The roadrunner this morning ran down the sidewalk west to east, then across the little footpath, jumped up on the wall where the hostas live, and made a complete circuit for amphibians and reptiles.
I actually saw honeybees on the watermelon flowers this morning. So keep on pollinating little guys.
I sewed most of the day yesterday. I finished sewing the blocks on the little quilt. I am now squaring them before sewing them together. That is a chore and a half.
While looking for stuff for my neighbor's yard sale a week or so ago, I found a scarf that was tucked away unfinished in one of my totes. So that brings my projects to an unmanageable amount. So I am finishing the baby sweater with the last sleeve and buttons, then I can finish the scarf this week, and then on to another project that has been put aside. I started a side-to-side vest with handspun alpaca. So if I will finish these three projects, I will then start another one. But not until then. I am making myself be good. It is hard.
We are doing the Knit Out in Public this Saturday. That will be fun. The first year it was very cold. So we moved it to another May weekend last year. It rained about 11 a.m. So this year HandHeld decided we needed to do it in June with the public knit out. I hope lots of folks come.
A busy week ahead. I want to finish squaring the quilt blocks. I want to get the baby sweater completed, washed, and blocked. I want to get the scarf finished, or at least make an attempt.
Don't forget-Solstice is coming! A turning point for summer!
Have a good week. Keep busy, and keep cool.

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