Monday, June 22, 2009

It's A Good Day to Dye!

The baby sweater is finished! It is washed, blocked, and little buttons applied. Yeah! It is a deep plum-y purple sock yarn. A good weight for a baby sweater in our part of the woods.

Knit in Public was fun. I got to the sight a little bit early to stake out a claim in the shade. It was not too hot until around 11 or 11:30 a.m. It was very windy, which helped a lot. We did get a few curious folks, and some people just stared at us. One asked if we were selling anything.

This is the yummy wool fiber I am spinning now. Pics to come when finished. It is going to be really pretty. There is purple, blue, yellow, pink, and lime green colors in this. Fun!
I have a dyepot on the stove right now. I read in an old, old book that you can use the seed stalks and leaves of the dock plant for a dye. I was trying to figure out when to dig up the root of the plant. When I saw this, I knew that was a better deal than digging in this heat in the dried up, hard-packed, rocky soil. I have never tried that before, but I am going to give it a try. It doesn't look like much. We will see. I have always experimented like this, and sometimes it doesn't work. And sometimes it's okay. I'll let you know.
Hand Held-my LYS- is now on the World's Longest Scarf list. They have a team started, and it seems to be going along. Go into the shop and sign up and knit a row or two.
I am moving along on the MIA scarf. It isn't a hard pattern, and it is knitting fast. Hopefully that will be done really soon. I am also at the stage of sewing my blocks together for the quilt top. Both things on my agenda this week.
CJ came by yesterday to visit. We dumped the buffalo hair out on the floor. That was a fun mess. I still haven't sorted or picked up the mess. That's okay, I guess. Who's going to see it, anyway? It's not like the Secret Housekeeping Police would come to my house anyway for a surprise visit. I do have company coming this weekend, so there is a limit to mess.
I also got a Phat Fiber sample box, and we sorted through that bunch of stuff. We then went online to look at some of the sites to look at larger quantities of stuff. You know, fiber people are fun folks! We just get excited looking at pictures of fluff!
Gotta go stir the dyepot. My house smells like boiled plant material. I think I will take an antihistamine while I'm at it.

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