Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Obnoxious Neighbor!

This obnoxious mockingbird sits on the railing all day squawking at the cats, who are asleep on the screened porch. It even gets mad at me for being in the yard-and I dare it to dive bomb me!
I do not tolerate silly birds that are obnoxious! I try to remind this bird that Noodles holds grudges. He has been known to go to bird's roosting nests and kill them at night. The front garden has begun to bloom. The smaller plants are blooming now. This is salvia.

This is lambs ears. A trivia nugget-lambs ears were almost completed wiped out during the Civil War, because it was used as a bandage. So remember if you need a quick band-aid, grab a leaf of lambs ears.

This is the first poppy. And some little unknown flower.

The correopsis is so happy. My little dye plant. I love it. I pop off the heads every other day, and then the next day, this!
I bought a Knit Picks kit for color stranding for my girlfriend to relearn how to do color knitting. She was at first overwhelmed-"I can't understand this stuff at all." Remember I went to her house and showed her how to hold the yarn, how to read the chart, how to do a provisional cast on? Well, she is so proud. She has now done the first 4 rows of 240 stitches each row. She only does 1-2 rows at a time, and then stops to do something else. She is now happy with what she is doing. She is doing what I told her-"Just do it. Don't think about it so much."
I washed a white fleece with my "new" old wringer washer. I noticed that a titmouse was trying to pick some for it's nest. When I mowed this week I found a little bit in the yard, and I guess someone tried to take a lot at a time. Two days ago when I opened the door to the deck, there was a huge wad of wool on the doormat. I wonder where it has been for ten days, and who brought it back? Does the Yarn Harlot need to know that someone brought my wool back to me? One of my friends says probably the cats brought it back and left it on the doorstep. But my cats are always with me or I know where they are most of the time. I have found a bird on the doorstep-but wool?
A yarn shop in a neighboring city is closing. That's one less for our area. It is so sad. I like the woman a lot that had this shop. She seems to have a general plan of where her path is moving, but the shop seems to be so sad. It was pretty picked over by the time I got there for the big sale. I wish her well.
Back to picking my fleece I washed. It is a monstrous job. Have a good week.

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