Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Are These Crazy People?

Have you ever wondered what spinners, weavers, fiber people do for fun?

Our spinning guild sponsored The Annual Sheep to Shawl event. Since it really isn't a true competition, it is just a Fun Event. This year there were four teams-YEAH!- and when I got there late, people were spinning away on all kinds of spinning wheels. There was one weaver per team, and as soon as they could get a skein of two-ply yarn, the weavers starting weaving a scarf. I carded wool so the spinners could concentrate on spinning.
After eating-or stuffing oneself - chicken and dumplings, chili, or soup, a variety of salads and fruit, and lots of goodie stuff, everyone seemed to just mellow out. There was lots of milling around, purchasing stuff from each other, talking and chatting, and the weavers were weaving.

This is a voodoo lily! I spent the day at CJ's house yesterday, and her husband, AE, grows all kinds of lilies. This variety gives off a scent of dead meat to attract flies to pollinate. It was working.

I was staring inside this thing, and all I can see is the possibility of perhaps a crocheted sculptural form.

Doesn't this look like a shape to be crocheted? Does to me.
Today being the first warm, sunny day in ages, I got out and fertilized all the plants I could. It is beginning to look like a bed of weeds in the front flower garden. I cannot tell what is weed and what is flower, except for the obvious things like grass. My corn is not growing very fast, but perhaps this warm spell will take care of that. The potatoes look okay. The grass will need to be mowed this week again. I put a load of clothes out on the clothesline. There is very little wind. If the weather stays this way tomorrow, I am going to wash some fleece.
So hope your weekend was a good one. I think I can say a bunch of us had a good time Saturday. CJ and I just vegged out yesterday and took a walk, knit a little bit, cleaned the kitchen, and just putzed around. We talked a lot about weaving. A good down-day from the chaos of Saturday.

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