Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look! It's The Sun!

We have had rain everyday for nine/ten days. It is tedious. It is more than tedious.

So what do I do today? I couldn't stand it. I mowed the yard. I put a load of clothes on the clothesline. I sat on the deck and knitted while I grilled some dinner. I picked lettuce and spinach for my neighbors. It was glorious! The sun is back. At least for one day. More rain forecast tomorrow.

Today is First Wednesday social group for our Spinning Guild. We had a good visit time. The barn at the meeting place is finished with repairs. It was fun.

Last week I went to Jasper to see my friend. We had such a good time. I left on Wednesday afternoon, and CF cooked a frozen pizza, fixed a salad, and we just vegged out. Thursday she fixed a HUGE real breakfast, and we went to the nearest large town to thrift store shop. We went to perhaps 4-maybe 5- thrift stores. I was able to find two pairs of pants and four tops.
I also found a wonderful little spinning wheel in a junk shop. It was precious or charming or something. We also shopped in a Bent and Dent Shop-a Mennonite grocery that buys discarded canned goods and other stuff from groceries. I am talking really cheap stuff. It was fun. Then we went to another junk store in the small town near CF, and I found an electric wringer washer-a real antique- that really works. I got it for washing wool. You have to fill up the tub, and it drains out the bottom. This is much better than lifting it from tub to tub to rewash or rinse.

CF is having some difficulty with the colorwork kit I sent to her. It is a little daunting, I admit, but I showed her how to cast on, how to hold two yarns, and how to read the chart. I also gave her little tips of how to manage the balls of yarn. At least she doesn't have to steek. She did not understand why she was having to put on a provisional cast on. I explained three different ways, and I think she understands it. I told her to quit "left-braining" it. It will make sense once she starts knitting on it. I also showed her how to put a copy of the chart on a magnetic board to make it easier to follow. I think she is ready to try it.

I am still putzing along with my summer top, I laid aside my Surprise Jacket, I am also knitting a February baby sweater for my friend's daughter. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. I am also moving into that "no knitting" zone that I get into when the weather turns nice outside. I usually reserve summer for washcloths or socks. I am reading up a storm. I guess it is just the cycle.

A friend of mine is having a heart cath Friday. I may have to go there to be with her, but I have notified others in the city that could be there if need be. It is just a little worrisome.

And my friend OS from California has been having some difficulty with her mother-who is 99 y.o. She has several broken bones, and has been in the hospital and skilled nursing facility. She did not even make it home 24 hours before going back to the hospital.

So my thoughts and prayers have been sent to both my friends. It is beyond anything else I can do for them.

I guess that's about it for the week. I did get high behind and vacuum really well, and I cleaned the carpet in the living room(knitting room) and the hallway. Of course, one of the cats threw up along the hallway and into the bedroom while I was away at the spinning meeting today. God forbid that anything look nice for longer than 12 hours!

I will remember to show pics of the little wheel next posting. I promise. It is darling. Just trying to find her name now.

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