Friday, May 15, 2009

DagNabIt! Stay Out of the Flower Bed!

I was so generous to my friendly groundhog. Since he/she was living here before I bought the house, I decided he/she could just meander around the yard eating and stuffing it's face. Yesterday I even put some old carrots out in the back lot where the edge of the high grass lives. Then I noticed that the tops of two sunflower plants had been nipped off. Then last night at dusk I looked out, and sure enough-Fatso- was climbing into the flower bed in front and chewing away. Well-how do you keep them out?

And when my friend OS was visiting with her friend from Minnesota, there were two roadrunners up on top of the shed in back. They just seemed to be staring towards the house the whole time. I haven't seen them since. But today, one of the roadrunners ran out of the flower bed, across the little bit of grass, and disappeared into the ravine.

So now the ravine is the repository of all creatures great and small. I am sure there must be snakes, too. Unless the roadrunner is keeping them at bay.

Sigh! So much for having a nice beautiful flower bed.

The spinach has just about breathed its last breath. This rain has been overly much for it to handle. The lettuce is thriving with the wet weather, but it is not very tasty. The potatoes look a little bit leggy.

I got high behind the last two days and have been working madly on the Lifetime Blanket. My friend SH came by the other day to learn how to cover a clothes hanger. After showing her that, I showed her the sweater I am making for the new baby. Her grandchild. When she saw the blanket, she picked it up and made lots of good comments- until she said, "I certainly hope you live long enough to finish this thing!" Ouch! So yes, everything else has been set aside for a little bit. I find it very satisfying to make these little squares. I like picking the colors, and I like that I am actually finishing a square. Although the big picture is not completed, the little ones are.

I am madly washing rugs and comforters today. We are having a nice, sunny, WINDY day. So out on the line to get dry before the next rain tonight. We have had rain nearly every day since April 27. Just two or three days in between-like today.

Well-have a nice weekend. Keep the needles going, even if its a little project.

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