Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Update!

I thought I would update a little bit on the Lifetime Blanket. I put it on the bed to take the photos. It is the width of the bed.

It will take a while to finish. Although I have been working a lot on it, it is difficult to see the progress.
Two friends came over on Monday to just "chill" out on the screened porch, to knit, to look at patterns, and to visit. They took me out to eat dinner for my birthday. We went to a favorite Thai restaurant in south Fayetteville. It was a delightful day, despite the drizzle and light rain. We did get some wool washed in between rain bouts. When we went to the restaurant there was a double restaurant in the eastern sky. Really pretty.
I haven't been doing a lot in the last coupla days. I did get the weedeater out to try to tidy up some edges and tall weedy places. I actually tore the skin off two fingers trying to get the damn thing started. Then after all that, the damn strings kept going back inside. After fighting for a while, I gave up. I got some of the tallest weeds knocked down, but still have places that need tidying up. I tried to get the push mower started, and gave up after several tries. My hand hurt too bad to keep on fighting that. Today has been overcast, cooler, and drizzle has fallen. That makes things too damp to mess with. At least that's my excuse today.
I guess it's the middle of the week, although it doesn't seem like it. There is nothing on t.v., and I have been reading a lot lately. I am into eating salads, and tonight I had my first piece of watermelon. And it was special-it was yellow watermelon! YUMMM! So now if the warm weather will stay around, maybe my own little melons will start growing. My corn has decided to grow, but not at a great leap. The squash and cucumbers seem to be doing well.
More later. Have a good end to your week.

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