Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's July!

Here's the finished skein of yarn from that pretty "fluff" I showed you before. Baby's First Socks! I took a detour from my "only working on UFO's" path. These were fast and easy, easy, easy.

I went to the spinning guild's First Wednesday meeting yesterday. We had two new people there. That was nice. It is good to get new folks. It was a nice small group, and some really pretty show and tell.
After that I drove a back road trip to visit CJE. They still don't have water, and it is beginning to get old. We walked out on the deck and you could smell the oily diesel smell. Yuck! She carded alpaca and I knit while we just visited. She and AE went to a lily convention in Springfield, MO, and she had to tell me all about that.
Otherwise, nothing is new this week. I have had the windows and doors open this a.m. because it is somewhat cool for July. But the humidity is starting to rise with the temps, so I will probably have to turn on the air soon.
I will wish you a safe and fun 4th of July holiday. I don't like fireworks, and we have had a lot in the last week or so already. Soon it will be over. I leave you with another sunflower pic. I love my sunflowers, and the birds have already started picking on seeds.

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