Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cozy Knitting's New Home Base!

This is my new little house. Isn't it cute? The stairs on the right are going to my new studio. It is an add-on room that is attached to the kitchen. Nice that it has it's own outside door.
This is some of the ugly wallpaper that has to come down. This is the kitchen. You can barely see the doorway on the other side of the frig that goes to the new studio.
These are the tiles in the new kitchen. I can live with them for a while.

This is the back deck. There had been a pool where the bare spot was. It was awful, stinky, gunky, and looked like an eyesore. The seller removed it.

A view from my kitchen door.
And finally this awful wallpaper in the kitchen. It has to go really fast.
I couldn't get rid of this duplicate picture. It is too complicated-so here's the kitchen again.

So there you are. A little tour. I could show you the empty rooms, but they all look alike. Empty. Except for the wallpaper in that one bedroom and the kitchen. I spent a fortune at PetSmart today buying kitty things to make the transition a little easier for them.

Tomorrow starts the real moving stuff. A handyman is coming to change the locks for me and to put in a cat door. I will clean the windows and start stripping wallpaper. I will probably take small loads of stuff over every day until I can't stand the heat. The movers will come on the 11th.

I will keep you updated. Until later.

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Vicki said...

Wow J, I had no idea this was going on! I hope you have your house warming party when I am in town, WF will miss you.....