Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Win The Insanity Award!!

Am I nuts, crazy, or just insane? It is f..... hot outside. It is miserable. It gives a whole new meaning of air that one can wear. And I took two carloads over to the house yesterday. I have a new cat door in the studio. It is the furthest door from my bedroom. I felt drained and miserable last night. At 11:30 p.m. I awoke from my sleep with the certainty that I could not make it to the bathroom fast enough. I had stress and heat-related diarrhea. So today I loaded up the car and took one load over to the house. I can't make myself take another load over. I am going to just stay here and pack boxes.

Oh-and the movers are now coming on the 8th. One of my girlfriends from out of town is coming to help organize the chaos over the weekend. So I moved the movers to Friday. Help! I have got to get this mess organized and ready to go.

Keep me in your thoughts. I keep telling myself that this is normal, this happens every time you move, and that soon it will be over. Who am I kidding? I gotta go pack boxes!

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