Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorta Kinda Moved-But Not Really!

The cable guy came Thursday, the movers came on Friday, my girlfriend came on Saturday, and I am POOPED! I have lost 10 pounds in one week of moving. I made 7-8 or maybe 9 carloads before the movers came. It was 100 degrees and I had a stomach virus. Instead of stairmasters, I recommend carrying a 50 pound loaded box up and down the stairs a coupla times. Well, really, I don't recommend this weight-loss plan on anyone.

I am not totally moved yet. I still have more in the house to bring over. I also have all my plants I have to dig up and move. And I have to make some kind of bed to put the plants in.

Friday afternoon my new neighbor caught me going to the car. She gushed how happy she and her husband are that I bought the house. It was a little too suspicious, so when I pressed she did tell me the seller had had nude pool parties after his wife divorced him. That is the reason for the eight-foot privacy fence between the properties.

Well, she has never heard partying like my knitting friends. They can be a little bit loud and crazy. I'm not sure if we will have nude knitting parties, but who knows? I can picture us sitting out on the deck and the laughter gets louder and louder. It's hard to hold down those knitters.

The cats have been having a good time. I bought the pheromone Feli-A-Way to help with the transition. They are much calmer at night than normal. But today we did have a little cat interaction with some local cat. I looked out and saw Noodles streaking across the front with a big white cat hot on his tail. Noodles headed straight for the cat door. So I rushed to the studio, opened the door, and Noodles streaked in. The white cat would have followed him, but I blocked the stairs and clapped my heads loudly, and he swerved and dashed into the kudzu/honeysuckle side of the house.

I have been telling myself that I am going to rest today. My back is tired and I am tired. But then I decided to mow the hayfield that is called a lawn. This is going as soon as I get a plan. I am going to plant beds of flowers instead of a huge yard to mow. I am taking a little rest. We had a big rain yesterday and sprinkles today. So everything is wet. It is hard to mow.

I like the way my friend and I arranged the furniture. It flows nicely and feels good. So now I just have to get everything unpacked. YUCK!

So I will post pictures soon. I really don't want to show the stacks of boxes, etc. It's not pretty. But I do like my little house.

Oh! I was going to cook some hummingbird syrup, and I couldn't get the stove to work. I pulled it out and it wasn't plugged in. Then it still didn't work. I finally found the breaker and turned that on. The smell was indescribable to anyone. It was awful. So my girlfriend and I went and bought a new stove. It will be delivered next week. And my handyman is going to connect it, since it is gas.

So more moving tales later. I have got to get mowing!

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Anonymous said...

I mow now. The Army makes me!! How are you?