Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Kitchen Wall Without Roses!

One of my new neighbors! The whole group comes around usually every other day. But isn't she pretty!

O.K. Here we go! First you have to remove the old yucky stuff! Then you clean, sand, clean.
You then get a naked wall ready to paint!
It took me a week to remove all the old paper, fill holes, sand, and clean. It took my friend CF and me 30 mins to put the first coat on after we had put primer on the walls.

In case you were wondering. Another friend stopped by to see CF because she had not seen her in a few years. So we took a break after the primer went up, ate some snacks, drank some lemonade, and caught up on news. Then when we went back to work, my friend said we needed to document this. So I handed her the camera.
I have more kitty pictures, but I will save them until next time.
Nothing more to report. I am tired, exhausted actually, and this is a rest day for me. I thought maybe I would mow the yard this morning while it is cool enough. But I haven't done that. I am going to rest.
So more pics to come next time. More news perhaps. Today is my niece and great-nephews birthdays. I wish them both happy, happy birthdays.
So everyone go rest, have a good holiday, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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