Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav is Here!

Yes! The kitchen is YELLOW!

Gustav has moved inland all the way up here! We have had a nice gentle rain all day with some wind. It is supposed to rain for two more days. I guess I am now looking for a rain barrel to hook up to the gutter.

I have been resting today, paying bills, and just enjoying the rain. My neighbor brought some fresh out-of-the-oven pumpkin bread. I guess it is going to be Fall before we know it.

Nothing else earth-shattering going on. I put my heavy sock on two circs to relieve some of the arthritis pain in my right hand. I picked up the spiral sock to finish, and I guess I can't give them away. There are too many mistakes. I found a German website that had some gorgeous clothing. I guess I am beginning to think of heavier clothing, although I am still wearing next to nothing. I found a beautiful cardigan pattern on Classic Elite website. I am in the mood to see if I can find something to salvage the Manos mistake. I don't want to rip it out. In the move I found a scarf experiment that I guess I stashed away to hide it. So I guess I will rip that out and find another use for the yarn.

I found some fabric at Hancocks to make a valance for the kitchen window. Maybe tomorrow I can get to my sewing room. I think I would like to do a really easy project. I also bought a cushion form to make a cushion out of a sweater I thrifted. It has sheep across the front. It has a lot of holes, but I think I can fix that. I have enough of a felted sweater that was thrifted that will complete the project.

I will get back to ya later. Stay dry!

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