Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Closing On The House Tomorrow!!

I will have to be honest that I am not excited. I think that the new-ness and excitement happened about 6 weeks ago! The house hunting was going fast and furious, and WHAM! there was my house. But there have been some serious repair work that had to be done, and I will caution anyone who reads this to get a good home inspector to check everything over. I never noticed the little things-like the utility door did not close because the strike plate was off. There was no GFI wiring in the bathrooms and kitchen. But now it's finally over. And it is the hottest part of our summer season. I couldn't do the moving while it was still cool in June. Whew! My energy level is really low.

But I close tomorrow. Then I will get some pictures for everyone. I went on the final walk-through with the realtors and the seller. He was really nice. He showed my where the water main is located, where the utility boxes are, and went over the breaker box in the utility room. He had just a little bit of repair to finish, and it will be mine. I stood out in the front and back yards a while by myself, and the energy feels good. I think once I put something back into the house and yard, it will blossom.

TR made the cutest little bags with Kaffe Fassett materials. She brought them to the knit group, and all six of them were gone in minutes. We just grabbed them and stuffed our socks into them. I called them Sock Sacks. I will get a picture of mine later when I settle down some.

I never dreamed that buying a house could become such a complicated thing. Not only the house, but the utilities have been a mess too. But I know it will all smooth out soon. I keep telling myself-in one more month it will be over. I will just have to keep on sorting and organizing things for a few months.

So maybe soon I will get some photos. But first I have to go through the steps tomorrow and get my key. Whew!

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