Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving Soon!

I am in the process of buying a house. It has been a tedious affair, but the end is near. I should have the closing by next week. It has been consuming a LOT of my time and energy. I am no longer excited; I am just tired. And the move hasn't started yet!

I always seem to move in inclement weather-snow, ice, rain, freezing weather, HOT weather. This time it will be HOT, HOT weather. The hottest we've had so far this season. Oh, well!

Last weekend TR and I went to see some sheep and animals at the farrier's farm. I ended up helping her shear the two sheep. That was fun. I held them by the horns and a rope while she cut the fleece off. We spent 2-3 hours there, and then had a nice lunch.

This week I have worked at the LYS for three days while Joy and Colleen are away. Joy is visiting her son that is in the hospital. Colleen is on Cape Cod. Isn't that sad? A real vacation. HUH?

Yesterday I noticed a HUGE walking stick (the insect) on my windshield. I tried to get a picture through the windshield of it. It was as long as a dessert plate is wide. I know-real numbers! I told that to my neighbor last night, and he said, "How wide is that?" And looked at me funny. I looked at him funny-like "Don't you know how wide a dessert plate is?"

He said that the walking sticks have a cycle-like cicadas-and that there seems to be more of them during the cycle. I haven't been paying attention to how many walking sticks are around. I was just amazed at the size of this thing on my windshield.

My posting will be very erratic as I go through the move. I am not too sure about when I will disconnect this service and move the computer. I am out of town for three days today, and I have a long list of things to take care of Monday. I have already changed my address for Interweave Knits and Spin-Off on the computer. Those were very IMPORTANT address changes. I haven't even put the change of address card out for the post office. That is today as I leave.

So-hopefully-I will have some new pictures to show you soon. Just send me good energy to get through this mess. I hate the disorganization of it all. I remember when I used to move with whatever I could get in and on top of my VW bug. Now I have to think of plants and stuff. Until next time......

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