Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Day Left!

Noodles is going nutty. For a 7 year old cat, he has his moments. Give him a little catnip, and he is spacy. But once or twice in a while he loves to play with his fuzzy toys. He is now meowing and throwing his toys around. I threw him outside into the cold rain to go potty, because when he uses a certain tone of voice I recognize "I've gotta go nooow!" He and Baby have a litter box, but only use it in dire emergencies-like snow or ice. Baby is in hunker down mode, which is her interpretation of "I am cold. Cold. Does my glaring at you mean nothing? Turn up the damn heat!" Kids!

Well, yesterday was a most productive day for me. I finished the little knitted bag I was making for a Christmas present. I finished two washcloths that I was finished with knitting, but wanted a crocheted edging. I finished the backing to the quilt that I said I was going to do two months ago. The quilt top and backing are ironed and instructions are typed for the professional quilter. I just have to get a box and mail that. I cleaned up the table that I use for sewing and the cutting table. I dug out the flannel blankie I started and just put away. I will work on that today.

I actually did a little spinning. Sunday is the day I usually spin. So today I will ply the two yarns that I have spun within the last two weeks.

So what has happened to me? I guess no TV helps, but I just started on finishing projects. I get to a point that it bugs me, and it has to get done. Once I start, things get done. Oh-I even cleaned up the kitchen!

I was listening to NPR, and I wasn't listening too well. I overheard something about the conversations between people who live on farms and people who do not. It reminded me of a conversation with my friend CJ. She lives in the boonies, and she is more willing to come out into the world more than I am. We were discussing something about somebody we knew, and she said, "But would she know to kick the side of the outhouse before she went in?" Neither of us have outhouses, but we have visited many in our day. Only if you have visited an outhouse would you know what she meant.

I took one of my co-workers home Wednesday afternoon. I told her I was going home, park my truck, and not leave the house until Monday morning. She looked at me with a funny look, and said, "Do you have enough food in the house?" Obviously, this woman has never lived in the country. At least a long enough way away from a store that it would be inconvenient to get dressed, comb your hair, and drive to. Yes, I have a freezer, and I store food for emergencies. Like weather. It is just an adjustment that one makes when one does not go to the store daily. I have lived in the city before, and everyone thought it weird that I always had something available to eat if they just dropped by. Even if it meant opening a few cans and throwing a casserole together. Nothing fancy. But I was not adverse to going to a restaurant to eat. Now I never go out to eat, and I would have to think about where to go if I wanted to.

Usually people ask me what I do with all the time. Well, like yesterday, there was never enough time to finish everything. I find that I never have time on my hands. I am always doing something. Even a nap has to be worked into the project list. I stayed up until 11pm reading last night.

So before the day progresses more, I will leave this posting and get on with the spinning. It is my Sunday pleasure. I like to listen to podcasts and NPR and spin. That takes care of Sunday morning. Have a good last day before we have to go back out into the world.

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