Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are You Sure It's Sunday Already?

It has been glorious weather here in rural Arkansas. It has been warmish in the sun, and lots of wind. But it is so nice to be outside this time of year. It is beginning to be the time of year I like to camp out. I don't like the oppressive heat and humidity of the full summer, and I DO NOT like the bugs, snakes, etc. Plus the foliage is very dense. Now I have views when I stand on a hill top. I love to watch the birds, and I love to just sit and look all around at the miracles around me.

I have been working on my Lizard Ridge, and have another block finished. I love the colorway of this one. When I get a coupla more, I will lay them out for a photo shoot. I have almost made up my mind to unravel the stupid shrug thing I was trying to make that was too small. It would be the MOST expensive pillow I ever made, plus the cats would adopt it and ruin it. My girlfriend that is making socks now suggested I just take it apart. But what will I do with the yarn? I guess rip it all out first, block it, and then figure out what to do with it.

Buddy-the horse-has a girlfriend. It is a doe that he visits down at the end of the pasture. A neighbor saw them together, and said it was so obvious that they were friends and that they were talking. They were facing one another, and appeared to be talking. He has this very punk hair do going on. I never could get him to hold still to get all the burdock seeds out of his forelock, so they are hanging down his face like dread locks. And now he has some new seeds in what is left of his mane. I was able to cut it short this summer, but now he has added to that. And he always has stick-tights (those pesky seeds that stick tight to anything like socks, pants, fur, etc) on his face. I clean them off every night when I feed him, but he will not stand still for the big seeds to be picked off.

I finally found the shrew's body. It was smelling bad, and that's how I found it. YUCK!

It has been such a nice weekend to be out, and I don't have much news. Just enjoy the days while they are here. In January it will only be a memory. I guess I will get busy and steam my block. Then decide what the next colorway will be. I am enjoying this little task right now.

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