Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Knit Fog!

Well, I finished BIG BOY sock, and did not take a picture of it. It just looks big. I delivered the sock CARE package to my girlfriend's daughter today. She will deliver it tomorrow when they go for a weekend visit. I also delivered some yard sale clothes for the smaller boy, and some toys. Becky was thrilled with it all. She loves it that I do the yard sale thing. I don't think she has ever bought a thing for these kids. Her friends gave her lots of hand-me-downs, and I do yard sales. Grandmother sews and knits.

I am now in a knit fog. I don't feel like doing my mitres, and I don't feel like doing any knitting. I am in a fog. But maybe the sun will shine on me tomorrow. I can always start another pair of socks. Not inspiring. I can always work on the Lizard Ridge. Not inspiring. So I guess I will go and watch CSI and just sit. How awful! I bet I won't be sitting for long. I will find something. But who knows? Later.

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