Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Little Bit of Alpaca LUV

Let's all head to the barn! Maybe we can find some food there!
The Boys!

Look at the crimp on this one!
This baby was just born last Monday. Isn't he a doll?This baby was born on Halloween night!
I'm so pretty! I'm so pretty! She just came back from a show!What we did after we got all our alpaca lovin'. This was before we ate our chili and yummy food!

I never got a picture of the kissing alpaca. She was never taught to do that; she just kisses. It is so wonderful to get all that lovin'.

I will spare you a photo of what I brought home. No fiber-just poop! I loaded my truck with manure! Of course, that meant I had to unload it once I got home. But my garden will be so-oo happy!

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