Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November 1!

Well, another month has flown by-again! I am busy knitting Christmas ornaments. Our LYS is sponsoring a tree for the silent auction for Alzeimer's. They are wanting knitted ornaments to put on the tree. They are small-so the ornaments have to be small. One of our GOOD knitters made the cutest little teeny mittens and socks. I am almost finished with a ball. I am going to stuff it with wool. And I want to bead it. I always have good intentions, but I am so tired at night I never get to what I want to do.

The farrier was supposed to be here today. No show! And I took off early from work-much to many protests. But I got a few little chores done. I harvested my gourds before the freeze tonight. I have 20 gourds. They were supposed to be bushel gourds, but maybe 5 of them are pecks. The rest are smaller. They won't be ready until next year. But I have several in my storage room that I can work on this winter. They were from 2 years ago.

Well-better finish my little ornament. Then another one can be started tomorrow night. I need to work on so many things-including housework-and I bet I don't get much done. I am in the mood to rest.

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