Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wow! It's Thursday Already!

It has been a sorta busy week. More job hunting on Monday, typing work for attorney Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning finish up. Work LYS three days this week. But I am really excited about the mitred afghan. I got some more leftovers from some folks at Monday night knit group. Thanks-guys- for the support. Barbara even bought me a pretty sock yarn to add in. Thanks-I have good friends. But I decided to add on a 4" square with my homespun. What I found out was that the handspun is denser knitted with size 2 needles and heavier. But I like the texture and oddity of it. It makes it more home-madey! Like a quilt. I finished that yesterday and added two more of the lighter weight sock yarn 2" squares. I have been knitting on the sock at the LYS-more portable-and I am determined that I will finish sock#1 this week.

I enjoy the work at the LYS, and it is work, but I am seeing a whole different side of knitters than I expected. Some people need just a nudge to move past the difficult part, and some people need a boot to just get on with it. I enjoy the part of finding yarn bargains, and puzzle solving with someone over a project. EVERYONE has infinite patience with me while I struggle to find stuff on the computer as I am getting them a receipt.

Colleen did call me on Tuesday and tell me she is weaving. At that time she had learned twill and tweed. I mean this was only day 2 and she was still stressing out about mistakes! She was upset that people who already knew how to weave were in her class. She felt it should be true beginners. But I told her if I were going to the school, I would start with a beginner's class. I would want a class that was a little slower, and one that I could just practise my skills for a while. Then I would be ready to move on to the advanced classes. There are arguments on both sides of it, as usual.

Well, must go. Just a quick catch up for the week.

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