Monday, July 30, 2007

OOPS! I Hit the Wrong Button!

I finished this little skein yesterday morning while it was still cool. It is a wool that I bought a hundred years ago and cannot remember the breed. It is a rather fine crimp, long fibers. Really beautiful stuff. This skein came out to 198 yds and 2.5 ozs. I blocked it on my PVC blocker from the Spin-Off pattern. I think it's really pretty. The color is actually that cream-colored white-the photo makes it look whiter than it is.

Yesterday later afternoon I went to C.J.'s house to spin. She had the a/c cranked up and ready to go. I had started spinning my green copper dyed yarn, and it is going to be really pretty. I have found that with my Woolee winder I am making a more consistently thin yarn. And I like that. Not too much thinking on my part. C.J. is just beginning-bought her wheel in May. But she is a natural. She is loving alpaca. There are a lot of alpaca farmers in this area, and she has met a few of them. Her husband bought her some beautiful rovings for her birthday, and now she is really hooked on the already-to-go stuff. But she wants to learn from the dirty fleece up. And I have two more fleeces to clean. So.... whenever you are ready, let me know.

Noodles on the look-out post. Couldn't pass up that picture. And Noodles found the box where I hid the quilt blocks. I put them there so he or Baby would not lay on them and get them dirty. Oh, well!
So now it is thundering and it is a smidge cooler. But August weather is here! I finally turned on the a/c the other day when I was typing some stuff for a lawyer. It was one of my little cash jobs, and I wanted to do the right thing with it. So I turned on the air, turned a fan on me, and typed away. I have been able to get away with only knitting in the early am or late evening. Or, of course, in someone else's air conditioning. The same with my spinning. Normally, I never think about fiber in the summer months at all. I usually sew or do tatting or needlework. But this summer, I have been staying with the fiber.
Tonight is Monday Night Knitting Group. So I guess I will take a shower, go to the library, and go on into town. See ya!

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