Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Think I Have Gone Crazy!!

This week I have been helping at the LYS while Joy and Colleen are out of town. It has been apparent that I am unable to get a full-time job, so I am now doing what my grandmother used to call "piece work". A neighbor calls it "cash jobs". I know that according to the "real world", there is no age-ism or employment problems of any kind. The world is a wonderful place, and tonight I saw a house for $30 million on the news. It seems the regular housing market is down, but the upscale houses are rising. There was a townhouse for $35 million dollars in NYC that had terra cotta this and that, and the realtor lowered her voice to a lower, awe-inspiring voice said, "That is gold foil on the ceiling. It makes this room a real salon." Yeah-baby!

I have been adding a few more mitres onto the afghan. Joy and Colleen gave me some more left-overs before they left. I also have been doing more knitting at the shop during down times. I have dug out the socks, and I am almost finished with the #1 sock. But basically I am in a knitting slump. It just seems to be duty-knitting. I have been spinning in the very early hours while it is still cool. I am spinning just plain old white wool-nothing exotic-just plain old white wool. Sometimes I have to go back to the basic white wool. Of course, I can get a wild hair afterwards and dye it.

So-sorry nothing exciting to report. We did a fair business with the Harry Potter crowd wanting something to knit for the parties Friday night. One little girl wanted to knit a scarf, and she was dressed up really cute. I was thinking this is sorta like Halloween in July.

Our Monday night group was loud and louder on the 16th. It was a really big group! We were celebrating two birthdays, so there was extra wine. I was working in the shop when the Thursday morning group met. Two of the younger women in our Monday group were there. They were telling stories about things that happened and things that were said. One of the older women turned to her friend and said, "I think we're in the wrong group. Let's try to go Monday night." I tried not to smile or say anything. It was funny when LJ was telling them that she did not have to go to college, she had the knit group to teach her things. She calls all of us her "Mom Squad".

So until later gator. I have to go mow the grass.

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