Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sigh! More Rain Today!

Well, you can only imagine what it is about having rain almost every day in July! But I am not going to complain too loudly since we are almost caught up on our yearly rainfall, and we are not in a drought. It is weird, though, to wake up to 60-ish degrees and to be a little bit chilly. And it is mid-July! Of course, if the sun comes out, it is awfully humid and sticky. And it is still warm in mid-day.
I wanted to show you my gourds, but the pictures were kinda- not real distinguishable. So I will show you a gourd flower that is really pretty with the ruffly edges. They are a little different from squash flowers, but basically develop from the bud the same. They share the same pests.
I am temporarily helping out at the yarn shop. Thanks to Joy, Colleen, and Cynthia for asking me. I need some cash right now, and this will help out. It is different being in the yarn shop as an employee rather than as a customer. I notice things I never noticed before.
Nothing else is really new. I have been working on the green scarf again. The mitered afghan is set aside for a little while. I finally finished the width, and now I am set to work on it. I just have to gather some more yarns, so socks-here I come!
Linda Jo- if you read this- I hope you are okay. You weren't at the Monday Night Knit Group, and I brought the aghan I told you about. I just sense something is not okay. Call me if you need to talk to someone.
-- For after all the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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