Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Little Bit of Progress

I guess I have all the little squares now for row one. I wanted to finish these up so I can tell how wide I want it to be. I am now connecting them together to create the second row, but it is a little bit slower. I only have one repeat, and I guess I was too tired to notice until I had completed the second one. Oh, well. I figure there will be a lot of repeats before it is over with. Thanks to Jane and Joy for gifting me some of their left-overs. It is fun, but I am a little tired of pushing myself. I wanted to get to a certain point so I could plan ahead. So now I can do other things! Ha! It is so

easy to do that I just pick the needles up and away I go again. The most challenge is trying to get a new color combination out of the multi-color sock yarns.

I have not seen the foxes in a week. And few deer. I think the fireworks did them all in. Too much like hunting season. The wild turkey I told you about in an earlier post came to visit last week. So he is still alive. I smelled the bear yesterday. She was really stinky, but I guess she is supposed to be this time of year. There will be lots of berries to eat, but no nuts. There should be a good root supply with all the rain.

I tried twice to post some pictures of the cats playing in a paper sack. It is the old cave hiding thing and no one can see me. Noodles chirples and "talks". Baby just hides. They were really cute today. But for some reason I am not posting them today. It is the magic of blogland.

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