Sunday, July 15, 2007

What the.........?

Isn't there something wrong with selling a bottle of water for $55!?! I mean- are people really that stupid? Well, obviously, if they are actually starting a store called Bling H2O, I guess they think people are that stupid. But.... isn't there some common sense out there somewhere? I understand that I have a small filter on my tap, but it cost me less than $55 3 years ago. And I just have to change the filter out infrequently. And that is a minimum cost.

Anyway, I know I am speaking of my opinion here, but really- are people nuts?

I was knitting along last night on my green chevron scarf. Then I realized that I had made a mistake and knit a purl row. Sigh! It was a long way back, and I didn't want to unravel it. So I am now incorporating it into the design. I will balance it out, and it will appear that I intended to put those two garter marks on the scarf. How lazy is that? I am now at the stage when I just want to finish this thing. The love is gone.

Today I decided to juice three apples and start them fermenting. I want to make a sourdough starter for bread. I don't know why I want to do this in the heat of the summer. But right now there must be some incredible yeast in the air with all the rainfall we've had. I have to admit to everyone that there was some organic material that I decided to filter out. It was almost a mushy pulp, but foamy. So on the second messy attempt to filter this out, I tumped the bowl over into the sink. All my juice went down the drain! What a mess I made. I took all the mess left over out to Buddy for a treat, so some good came out of this.

Now--do I go to market tomorrow and get three more apples? Or do I start another yeast starter recipe called Herman? Herman is a sweeter starter, and I used to use it for cookies, pancakes, waffles, as well as bread. I really wanted to make the fermented apple starter. It takes longer than Herman. The juice has to ferment first, then you feed it. Herman starts with sugar, flour and water. The yeast gets in there, and makes an adequate sourdough. But I really want the apple starter. I don't mean to sound like I am some kind of expert, because I am not.

When my husband and I lived in an old Victorian house in downtown Little Rock, I would make bread every Sunday morning. The old fashioned way without a machine. It was his favorite day. Usually it meant coffee cake or cinnamon rolls for brunch. The dogs loved the fresh bread, and I had to guard it carefully as I removed it from the oven. Once I pulled a pan out of the oven, tipped the loaf onto a rack on the table, turned around to get another loaf out of the oven, and sure enough, the first loaf disappeared. As much as I wanted to be mad, I had serious thoughts about how Suzie's stomach felt with a whole loaf of HOT bread out of the oven. I mean, there was not a crumb anywhere.

This idyllic day ended on a weekend that I had been laboring hard for a craft show. I had spent many, many, many hours of finishing up projects- tying knots on the fringe, steaming, packaging, weighing, labeling, last minute things that had to get done by Friday. So I was looking forward to sleeping in late on Sunday. The show did not open until noon. I had to be there by 11am. At 6am, my husband was shaking me really, really worried, "Aren't you going to get up and make bread today?" I won't mention to you what I said to him as I jerked the covers up over my head and rolled over.

Wow! What a reminiscence! Is this a sign of old age? I am so sorry that I just blathered on. It was all because I have a bee up my butt that I want to make this sourdough. But then I tumped that out, so I will tump out of the computer and forget this drivel. I will figure it out somehow.

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