Friday, August 3, 2012

I Hope I Don't Jinx It!

It is raining.  A light, easy rain.  It smells dusty as I stand in the open kitchen door.  It has been cloudy and thunder has been rumbling for at least two hours.  It appeared to stay northeast of here.  And suddenly, it is RAIN!  Yeah!  I don't have to water today! Yeah!

As I look to the north, I can see lighter sky.  Oh, well, blessings are on us for whatever little bit of rain we get.  The last one was about 3/10ths of an inch.  Enough to water a little bit.

And it is cooler with the clouds-82 degrees!

I am still knitting hexipuffs-14 so far!  And I finished sock number 1.  I am not a very ambitious knitter, am I?

My brother declared his intention to retire on his birthday next Feb.  He has been emailing me, and calling me to talk.  It is really nice that he has really thought this through and planned it right.  I think he is ready.  He will be 68 and wants to do things while he is able to do them.  Smart man!  We never know how long we can enjoy things. 

I finished the camel/merino and I am going to finish up the alpaca so I can ply.  It is really pretty stuff.

Noodles had been on the deck when the rain started, and he is now on the screened porch where he is dry.  We are all enjoying the cooler temps.  Even the birds are chirpling differently.

While I was typing, I noticed the rain has already stopped.  Oh, well, a little bit to clean off the dust on the leaves.

I went to Knitting Group last night.  I haven't been there in three weeks.  It was good to hear everyone's stories again.  I really like my group.  It is more the core group during the summer, and then more will come when the weather is more conducive and people are back from vacations.

I am finally declaring war on the ants invading the hummingbird feeder.  I have tried everything, but they keep on coming.  They drown in the water inside, and then float to the top.  Eventually they taint the water and my little birds are thirsty again.  So now I put sugar water in the feeder, spray the wood and the hanger, and the little birds drink and drink and drink.  I watch regularly and spray again if needed.   I have had multiple feeders out, and they only drink from one feeder.  So I finally called a truce and put out the one feeder.  And the ants keep on coming, no matter what.  I know it seems cruel, but the ants don't have to fly a great distance like my little birds.  I want them to get all ready to depart when their clocks say it time to go.  I was overwhelmed yesterday when one of the little birds hovered in front of the window for a few seconds.  I like "thank you" any way I get it.

So back to spinning alpaca.  Get the apron on, and sit down to my audiobook. 

Oh-oh-rain again!  I am going to enjoy every drop I can get. 

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