Sunday, August 26, 2012

Awww! Rain at Last!

 I finished the wrap/scarf.  I am calling this one Canyon Waterways.  I was so happy to finish.  I did feather/fan pattern across the length instead of the width.  There is yellow and brown which is not easy to see in these photos. 

And I finished the socks.  I have them in the package and ready to mail to my SIL.  I think she will like them.   These are her first hand knit socks.  The first are the best!

Finally we are getting a good rain.  Yesterday was misery with a few little sprinkles, and muggy humidity.  But today-RAIN!  A real soft, easy, steady rain without thunder or lightening.  This is so wonderful to have such a good rain!  I am very grateful!

CJE and AE left for Sulawesi yesterday!  They will be gone for 21/2 weeks.  I hope they have a great and wonderful vacation.  They are away from all responsibilities with the moms and the business.  No cell phones, no Internet connection, no connection to all the things that happen daily here.  Perfect!

I have been spinning today, and I just want to stand on the porch and watch the rain.  My focus is not on the wheel.  I may have to stop and just go out there and sit down and enjoy!

I have started two hats-one is Fair Isle with sheep and the other is a slip stitch mosaic pattern.  Neither is hard, and neither is going to take forever.  I then want to make a few fingerless gloves to put on the website.  I am getting a little bit antsy about starting my winter sweater.  I may do that sooner than later.  I can't decide if I want to make a cardigan or a pullover sweater.  I am leaning towards a cardigan.  I think I will get a lot of use from that.

I am pretty sure my class is going to make at the Arkansas Craft School.  I am getting a little nervous about that.  I know I need to get organized for that, so I will have to spend a coupla days this week getting my thoughts together and down on paper.

Well-Wait, Wait is on NPR.  Gotta go!

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