Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just A Few Notes

- I think it so wrong for that guy to waste water washing the parking lot at the local convenience store.  He was not using a power nozzle or anything.  Just a hose and he was just letting the water run out and wash the lot.  He didn't even have a broom or anything.  My God!  We are in a drought and he is not conserving water!  Enough said!
- There is a major meteor shower this weekend.  Someone said best viewing on the 12th and 13th.
- We had a teeny little cool down.  It was 103 degrees yesterday afternoon, but the nights are cooler.  I am able to turn off the a/c part of the day now.  As soon as heat/humidity climb, on it goes.  There is nothing stickier than wool when the humidity is up there.
-There is a Blue Moon on the 31st.  In a lunar cycle, occasionally you get 4 full moons in a season.  That is the Blue Moon.  There are lots of myths about the name, and I think the "real" reason is lost.  I think maybe the closest I have found is the Middle English word belewe.  It is pronounced "blue" and is interpreted as that, but it can mean betrayal.  Many people felt the moon had betrayed them.  It would be easier if people followed lunar cycles instead of solar cycles.  Then it would not be unusual in any way.
-Back to the first comment.  I heard on CNN that people are so strange.  After the droughts in Texas last year, you would think folks would know they need to conserve water.  As soon as rain came, people were out using water like there would always be water.  Waste, waste, waste.  Now there is a drought, and folks are really unhappy that they have to conserve again. 
-I wish my neighbor well, but he planted his little patch of grass and shrubs along the fence right before the drought hit.  There was a real reason why the garden center put the shrubs on sale at that time.  So he waters all the time with drip hoses.  Because of this, my Bermuda grass along the fence on my side is growing like crazy.  It is hard to mow or weed eat because it is so lush and thick.  Sigh! 
-Patty is bored with being inside all the time.  She is ready to go out and be outside more.  I tell her she can stay out 5-10 mins, but that is hardly enough time for a little dog to get to the neighbor's to check out the back yard.  She would love to find a real treasure of garbage again.  I hope they don't throw anything out like they have done in the past.
-The Tontitown Grape Festival is underway.  The big spaghetti suppers are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I am not going.  I hate carnival rides and carnies in general.  I do like Fair Ground type of food, but it is too damn HOT!  I think I will wait for the county fair.
-There is something really wrong when it is 100+ degrees and there are Fall adds on t.v.
-There is really something wrong with Hobby Lobby when there is Christmas stuff all over the store in July.
That's it.  I am going to go back to plying my yarn.  Happy Wednesday!

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