Monday, August 20, 2012

I Hate Johnson Grass!

I am cooking some oat groats, and I don't have a lot of time to spend ranting on and on about the weather.  It has been cooler-no a/c.  50's at night!  This is not August weather, but I am not complaining. We have been getting thunder storms-with less than an inch of rain each time.  But water is water.

What I am complaining about is Johnson grass!  I hate it.  I have been digging up and digging up for three years or more, and no progress.  I try and try to get all those damn rhisomes, but every year I dig up more and more and more.  It is almost like it enjoys the digging up, because it spreads it out and gives it more room to grow.  I am sick of this stuff!

Oat groats!  Yes, all my life I have HATED oatmeal, enough that I spit it out as a baby and child when anyone would put it in my mouth.  YUCK!  The slimy taste is more than my little mouth can take.  Then a friend said I should try steel cut oats.  I wasn't convinced.  So last week I bought a little bit in the bulk aisle at the grocery store.  It was 70 cents worth!  So I cooked it, and I liked it.  It had a bold, nutty, chewy flavor and texture.  No slime!  I put raisins in and that was good.  So now I have a cereal I like.  It really fills me up and I am not hungry for a long time.

So off to oat land so I can continue digging that damn stuff up.

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