Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sure Signs That Summer Is Winding Down!

I saw my first Monarch butterflies trying to find anything to eat.  I don't have butterfly feeders, so the few flowers I have is it. 

I saw Hatch peppers from New Mexico in the grocery store the other day.  They never last long, but I sure like that.  I wish someone locally would buy a roaster and do fresh roasted peppers to go.

I saw a Walking Stick on the screen the other evening.  It was fairly large and had turned itself a beautiful heathery brown color. 

It is really cool in the mornings, but still gets hot during the day.  No more 24 hour a/c needed. 

The college students are back.  They drive like maniacs in Fayetteville. The one day I do go in, I am nervous all the time.

The county fair is happening right now.  I am going today because it is Senior Citizen day and free admission. 

Some of the songbirds are finished with molting and are now growing back feathers that have not filled in everywhere.

There is increased hummingbird feeding and fighting.

The Fall yarns are arriving at LYC.

I hear owls more at night now that I sleep with window open.

And today is my niece and her son's birthdays!    Happy birthday-Happy Birthday!

And an update from previous notes.  My SIL loves her socks and they fit!  Yeah!

Happy end to the misery of a very long, hot summer.  The tropical storm is moving this way. 

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