Monday, July 30, 2012

I Am Not Insane!

I first saw the Beekeeper's Quilt on Ravelry about 2 years ago.  Another of my friends and I talk about it in our knitting group, how we always want to do this, and some day we will do this.

Well, I started making my little hexipuffs last night.  I have made three and one is on the needles. I haven't become addicted to them, and I do find the beginning first rows a bit too futzy.  It takes about three rounds to get going right.  Hopefully I will get faster and better at this.

I have a huge box of leftover sock yarns.  I have given away a LOT of my leftovers, but the box still appears full.  So I debated adding onto the mitered square afghan.  I have dragged myself into that hole before, and in my mind, the thing is finished. 

I found another pretty interesting pattern, but they use a yarn,like Noro, with the long colorways.  I had a hard time figuring out how I would be changing colors along the way and what would it look like.

So hexipuffs it is.  I like it enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I can watch the Olympics without too much challenge.

I did stop working on them while Inspector Lewis was on PBS.  I knit on my sock during that show.  I am on the foot part and it is just round and round and round and round.  No thinking.

I have spent an awfully long, long time today trying to set up a business page on Facebook.  My Wix team sent me an email for free templates for the Facebook page, etc.  They forgot to tell me that Facebook will not allow me to have that template as my landing page.  That was why it was taking me so very long to do it.  Finally I settled that I have a Wix app and people have to press the app to see the Wix template I worked so damn hard on, and to have a link to my website.  Too hard.  Too confusing. 

So keep cool.  Keep knitting with the fans blowing on you. 

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