Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a Tease!

Yesterday afternoon clouds moved in and there was thunder all around us.  I noticed that the wind was blowing a little more.  I walked out to the deck, and it was cooler.  It was in the high 80's!  Oh, boy, a real storm.  But as the afternoon carried on, no rain.  No rain.  How could Nature tease like this.  On the weather report at 6 p.m., other places got rain.  No rain.  Still dry.

This morning it was cool-around 79 degrees.  There was some tiny bits of dew on the grass stems.

CF is coming today, so I took advantage of the cooler weather and baked some multigrain rolls.  I ate a warm bit of bread with soft goat cheese, and it was heavenly.  I had forgotten how good hot bread tastes.  The muffins I made is not the same as chewy multigrain rolls.

Isn't Life the funniest thing?  A silly thing as hot bread, clouds that cool the air, and the news that my nephew finally married his girl.  Yeah!  I am so proud of him.  They stood in the surf and had a friend of his marry them before they flew off to the Keys for a honeymoon.  Yeah!

I gave Patty a quick bath to cool her off and to help with her appearance.  She badly needs a trim, but that will wait a while.  This week is really busy.  She and I have a ritual that I rub her with the towel and say "Shaky, Shaky" and she shakes and grins and jumps.  We do that for several rubs, then I gently comb out her leg hairs and her mustache.  Then she shakes all that apart, and runs into the house and out again.  It is so funny!

The sun is out now, and the heat is on.  I don't know how long I can go without the a/c.

My neighbor's dogs are getting really tired of the new routine.  They want their mama and daddy to just come home and go back to their routine.  Abby is "acting out" and is sullen.  Beau could care less, but wants to stay out in the sunroom on his couch.  They do not like being shut up in a small laundry room all day.

I have not worked on the new quilt.  I finally found the fabric I want for the binding on the quilt I got back from the quilter.  Yesterday I measured and sewed and ironed the binding.  Today I hope to get it sewn on.  Maybe tomorrow.  It depends on when CF gets here. 

I have been spinning while listening to an audio book.  I am not pushing myself, but I want to hurry up and finish it up.  I am spinning the second skein of the camel/merino.  I really like the first skein, and hope this one is as nice as the first.

CJE loaned me a video on Combing Fibers.  I have never really combed fibers very much, but I got kinda excited about it.  It isn't as easy as she makes it look.  I am thinking of saving up money for a pair of mini combs for finer fibers. I have been thinking of how to process the bison easier than I have done so in the past.  I also would like to have a set of paddle combs to blend with.  I want to experiment with colors a little more.  CJE has a pair of Viking combs, so that would be something to practise on.

Well, I guess I will dust mop the floor to get up some of the dust bunnies.  Thank goodness, no one really expects me to clean my house.  The sheets are clean on the bed, and the bathroom is clean.  That should count for something.

Well, down to business.  Later.

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