Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hmmm! What Is New or Not New?

I have had serious depression over this heat.  I have to stay indoors or I melt-it's true.  I simply cannot tolerate more than a few minutes outdoors.  This is new behaviour for me, but when it is 105 degrees, I melt. 

We had one afternoon of some rain-around 3/10ths of an inch.  Whoopie Doo!  It didn't do anything for the drought, but it did cool things down to 78 degrees for a little while.  There was a great wind attached to the storms, and thunder and lightening.  It would have been great to have a massive rain, but I guess any water is better than none.

I made myself stay up to watch the whole opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and I did not understand all of it at all.  There were very entertaining parts that were theatrical, but....  I think one has to be British to understand everything.

I don't have a schedule of what is shown on t.v., but by accident I did get to watch the women's eight 1500 meter rowing race.  The USA was so far ahead, and I expected to see Australia put on some speed at the end.  Instead the USA women kept a steady fast pace the whole race.  Most of the races I have seen or been in you start out strong, find a steady sustainable pace, and then put on every bit of speed you can muster towards the final meters.  This boat stayed at a very fast, steady pace the whole time.  Their strokes were different from the competitors, too.  Well, I enjoyed it. 

The gymnasts have some great bodies, I will say.  They are putting themselves through some hell with their competitors.  One of the Chinese men is 5'7".  Wow!

I have finished one knitting project and continuing with others.  I can't seem to push myself right now.  I have kinda stalled out on the camel/merino yarn.  And I did get the binding on the quilt, but haven't started the handwork yet.

Yesterday CJE, JE, and I left at 7am to go to the Fiber Christmas in July in Kellyville, OK.  I don't have to tell you that none of us were too motivated to brave the heat.  It was so much fun to visit with all our friends and vendors we know.  I only bought a few fiber treasures, and a coupla tools.  We left by 11:30 am, ate lunch in Sapulpa, and drove on home.  We only made one pit stop to go to the bathroom and stretch our legs.  We were home early.  On my car thermometer it was 105 degrees!  106 in Tulsa in the concrete jungle.

So nothing new to report.  My writing has been scarch because of that.  I just am not too motivated to do much, and I am just trudging along on unfinished projects.

Stay cool and hydrated.  We still have about one month and a half to go.  SIGH!!  

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