Friday, March 4, 2011

Take Those Shoes Off!

My feet were screaming at me the other day to just take those ole shoes off. So now I am barefoot again. I remember as a child I hated to wear shoes so badly. But the rule in our household was no bare feet until after Easter. That was unbearable this time of year. I love to feel the earth under my feet. I like to feel the coolness and moistness of the dirt. Summer heat is a different feeling. This time of year it is the expectation of what is to come.

I have been really going on the handspun sweater. I am shaping the armhole, and the lace knits so much faster than the cabled part. The only downside is that I had to stop and spin some more yarn. I was so sure that I had enough the last spinning. So last night I spent the evening plying up the single that I had spun in the afternoon. No knitting last night.

I did get going on the color stranding on the new pair of socks night before last. I was watching NCIS and I got one whole set of pattern rows knit. I am now going to dub them the giraffe socks. They look like giraffe colors and spots. It is supposed to be goats-eye, but looks like giraffe spots to me.

I worked in the yard a goodly portion of the day yesterday. It is already starting, isn't it? The endless yardwork. I don't mind admiring the flowers, the insects, etc. But it is the work that gets done behind all that that is tedious. What is so crazy is that I spent hours doing yardwork, and I can't really see much done. I still have an untidy yard. I spend time cleaning up stems and flower beds, weeding, etc. I always leave the beds with stems through the winter so the birds and small critters have shelter. So now I can see all the grass and weeds in the beds. Sigh!

Today a cold front is coming in with a storm. It is beginning to cloud over. The wind is picking up. I have found that I do better if I work hard one day and rest the next. I can get more done if I pace myself. So today I took the yarn off the blocker, wound it into a ball, and I think I might spend the afternoon on the sweater. Maybe. Right now I am hungry, and all I can think of is food.

I find when the weather changes, so do my food habits. I like to eat smaller, lighter portions during warmer weather. And I eat often. In the colder weather I eat one big meal a day and two smaller ones. I drink more liquids in warmer weather to hydrate myself- especially if I work outside.

Well, have a great weekend. I am going to have some fun some time this weekend. Probably Sunday since the rain is supposed to carry over tomorrow. Maybe Patty and I will go exploring somewhere. She likes to nose around places.

Take care and stay safe. Enjoy the weather while we can.

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