Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sigh! It was a false alarm!

Well, this week has been about patience and tolerance for silly Spring jokes by our mother the Earth. I don't think I have ever been this anxious for Spring to really get here. It just seems so long this year.

At least I have not been able to work in the yard. It is too windy and cold in the wind. And, of course, the rain. But we need rain, even cold rain. When I get out in the wind and cold I get cold sores on my lips. It is yucky!
So, my friend YC came to visit at the tail end of Spring break last Friday night. She lives in Wichita, and has an incredibly stressful life. Whenever she visits me, she gets to sleep in late, have someone feed her, and someone to vent to. I started this red yarn for her as a pair of socks. Her secretary has been asking her for years to bring some of my yarn to her and she will knit YC a pair of socks. The red is actually a tomato red, not that putrid pinky red in the pic. It is deep and really pretty. When things happen, I can usually flow along with them. Last week was one of those weeks. I just couldn't get the yarn finished. Now that it is finished, I am not sure if there is enough yarn for a pair of socks. I made the green/red as toe and heel yarn. The green is nylon I dyed. I will send it along and perhaps her secretary can knit her a hat or scarf.

I picked this fiber out of the pile I have to spin up. I wanted to see how it would look. The colors are true in the photo. Isn't that the most luscious purple? The greens are light to dark with teal and a teeny little bit of turquoise. The purple is grape-y to deep, deep purple. It is BFL from frabjous fibers. The colorway is Green with Envy. It has been some time since I have spun BFL and it spins like butter.

For someone who claims to be a hermit, and it felt that way during hibernation, my Life is full right now. First YC came to visit. Tomorrow OSM from California is visiting. Then my cousin is arriving on the 10th. Last Friday night JH and her husband came over to look at my spinning wheels and pick my brain. He is going to build her a spinning wheel with cherry as the main wood, and yellow heart as the wheel. He is making an 18" wheel, the same size as my newest one. So I guess this is what Spring means. People are out and about again.

What this truly means is I cannot get all the stuff done I want to get done right now. I have not had the time to spend with my Shibori class, and I want to really understand that. I have not had any time to spend with the sewing machine either. I have learned how to keep the floor clean in between visits, and try to keep the kitchen straight. I still have the dye table set up in the middle of the kitchen floor, and it will probably stay there until the temp is okay outside. And less wind.

I also have been busy trying to keep clean sheets on the bed in the guest room. I still haven't had the chance to paint that room. Oh, well.

The days are longer with light and now I can get more done. Soon the rush will be over and I will return to hermit-life again. I am in no hurry to finish any one project. I just want to play.

No knitting since last Thursday's knit night. Too busy. On hold right now. But I am spinning.

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