Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I AM Really Tired of This!

I have been trying for two weeks to publish on this blogger. I had downloaded a new Internet Explorer, and Blogger has not been able to sync with that. That is the story anyway. So I went back today and removed my program and restored my old Internet Explorer. We will see if this works. Of course, one cannot just email them and ask for assistance. You have to post to a forum. There are tons of forums out there with the same problem-I cannot publish my posts. So I started yet another one, and the only response I have gotten so far is if it is a problem with IE, then it will be fixed when it is fixed. But if it is my computers problem, then I have to fix that problem myself. Well-DUH! Anyway, my last company left this a.m. for the airport. I have had company three weekends in a row, and I am really tired of that. I like to have company every once in a while, and usually my overnight company is only 1 night. My last company has been my cousin for his annual visit. Usually he stays in a hotel, but his business meeting was not up here this year. So he took vacation days and stayed with me. We made our annual visit to his property in Oklahoma. I went to the annual Quilt Show up here that is usually just down the street from me. But the convention center raised their prices, and they moved way out in Benton County at the Fairgrounds. I enjoyed seeing all the amazing quilts that make me feel so inadequate. And the vendors were fun. I only bought a little bit. I did buy a cute embroidery piece that I am going to use as a center for a little cat quilt for Noodles in his chair. I have an idea of what I am going to do, but we will see how it goes. He likes quilts a lot, and it will protect the chair seat. I have been scanning patterns on Ravelry to knit my next handspun sweater. I had a good idea and I bought some store bought yarn to go with the pattern last Thursday at Knit Night. Now I am leaning towards a different sweater that I think I like better. I have been spending all my time for three days with a non-knitter person, and I am itching to get back to my routine. Not being able to knit with a busy routine is one thing, but not being able to discuss knitting is another thing. I did send my "cool colors" feather and fan scarf to my cousin's wife for a gift. I think she will really like it. At least next winter. We are in our Spring up and down weather pattern. And it is storm season. I need to mow today because it is supposed to storm tomorrow evening. The weeds are growing really well. So here's hoping this publishes. Talk at ya later.

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