Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon-Time to Take Stock!

Tomorrow is the Full Moon. It is a time to really take stock of how the month is progressing. Are you making headway on the goals you set two weeks ago at the New Moon?

I know that I primarily said to myself I want to finish the BFL I am spinning. Then three weekends of company messed up my schedule; but as persistent as I am, I finished the first half of the singles. I made myself stay in today and listen to NPR and podcasts until it was finished. I love, love the way the colors came out and the richness of the colors.

The other thing I wanted to do was make something with my pretty merino handspun. It is turquoise, blue, green, and some teal in it. I have 872 yds. I studied patterns until I was sick of that. I don't want a vest or a shawl. Okay, what to do? Well, duh, you could simply spin some more yarn to make a sweater. I ordered the roving, and started knitting on what I have. I actually did a good swatch, and settled on two patterns. Then I put it all aside and let it simmer while I had company. Then I woke up one morning with a decision,and now I have the cuffs finished on the sleeves. I am so happy that I let it simmer, because I think the yarn is going to be perfect for the sweater. Oh-I always knit the sleeves first. That way I can learn the pattern and know how it looks, etc. Then when I get to the body of the sweater, I have the pattern in my head and my tension under control.
Now to socks. The "giraffe" socks are stuck in park, and I am so over this pattern. I am almost at the point of making a giraffe sock puppet and be done with it. Something to mull over the next two weeks of this month.
I finished the first leftover sock and am halfway down the foot of the second one. This is 4 different skeins of leftover sock yarn in the leftover box. I am doing 4 rows of each one and then repeating. This should be finished next week. The only down side is all the loose ends because I cut after 4 rows and add on the next yarn. But I feel most likely they will get felted onto each other after some wearing. Someone suggested I "carry" the yarn up, but I think it would make a welt inside. I might try it next time.
And then I must not forget that I need to finish painting the guest bedroom. And I have to finish planting the flowers I have sitting on the table waiting for the last cold snap. Yard work is forever anyway. But I do want to get these flowers in the ground quickly.

So here we sit waiting for the Full Moon. I think I have taken stock of everything.

Oh-the quilt for Noodles' chair. I forgot. I began sorting fabric scraps and ironing, but I have not cut the strips yet. I need to get to that too.

And Patty needs a bath and trim around her feet. I cut Noodles back toenails Thursday night. Since he is still unable to climb trees, they were extremely long. He actually was trying to chew one this week. So I cut them back. He didn't try to fight me, so I guess he was happy to get that done. He is shedding a lot now, and I have to comb him daily.

So lots to do. Just got to get busy. I am taking a little break since I finished my singles and stretching out my back a little bit.

Gardening is not a rational act. Margaret Atwood, "Unearthing Suite," Bluebeard's Egg

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