Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Anyone Know How To Build An Ark?

Before I start griping about the weather again, I wanted to show off Fraternal Leftover Socks drying on the rack. I used four skeins of leftover yarns and knit 4 rows, then changed to another skein, etc. They are packed and ready to ship off today. So right now I only have 2 UFO's, the afghan, and my handspun sweater left on the needles and hook. My right hand is hurting a bit, and I have an elastic glove on it. That helps.

Right now all I am focused on is the weather. It has been raining since last Monday. No, not raining, raining, but storming, thunder and lightening, and tornadoes. A couple of days last week I would wake up to some sun and warmish weather. Then by late morning the clouds would move in, and wham! another storm. Then Thursday the mess moved in for good. Continuous rain, storms, thunder, etc.

Friday night all that was on t.v. were the weather guys. I have never seen storms like this before. You could see the wall cloud, then you could see the rotation starting, then the tornadoes (notice plural) would start dropping down from the cloud, and then they would go back into the cloud. Really dramatic and unreal. There were a few that were reported touch down, but nothing significant. That was the night of the tornado in St. Louis.

Also the rain is unreal. First you could hear a rumbling quite a bit, then someone would unzip clouds and it would pour out. That is the only way to describe it. It would let up and slow down, then more rumbling, then unzip, pouring rain. And really, really dark.

The atmosphere felt lighter this morning when we got up. Noodles and Patty went running outside and enjoyed the bit of freedom they had. Right now it is getting darker and darker, and I hear thunder in the distance. I see a wall cloud to the north from the window. Really strange.

Oh! The other weird thing. I have tons of flies in the house. Really weird! I guess every time I open the door, more come in. I have been killing flies like crazy. Have you ever heard the old saying "The flies are biting. It's going to rain"? Well, these flies are not biting, but it is raining.

Someday in a few months I will be griping about the heat and the dryness. But right now I am just thinking about boats. I even dreamed I won a beautiful scull in a contest. I was so excited, and then wondered if I can still row. It had light pastel pink and yellow designs around the top, the hull was white, of course, and I was tickled to get it. I wasn't sure how I would get it home, but I thought it was gorgeous. I don't think I have ever rowed in a brand spanking new scull. All I have used is used ones. Even when I went to rowing camp at Harvard that summer.

I started the little quilt to put in the seat of Noodles chair by the window. That is all I have done. I have read two books. And watched the t.v. for more storms. That's all. Nothing exciting.

I made a quick trip to Oklahoma Thursday to see my friend OSM while her truck was being worked on. We picked up sandwiches at Subway and went to a landing by the river so the dogs could play. While sitting on the rocks on a towel, it started raining on us. So we went to her cabin to wait out the storm. The trip home was troublesome. I would run into storms along the way, slow down and try to see the road, then speed up when the storm passed over. By the time I got to Farmington, I stopped to go to the bathroom. The local t.v. station was setting up a camera towards the north. I looked where it was pointed and saw a wall cloud and blackness. I was going to go to knit night, but decided to head home, which was north. The closer I got to home, the rain was terrible. I ran into the house, dried Patty off, and answered the phone. My neighbor told me I had just missed the hail, and that a window was knocked out of their house and that they had roof damage. Friday morning the only damage I found was my tarp storage shed has holes in the roof. I haven't checked my roof yet, since it is raining all the time now.

This has been the worse tornado season in a long, long time. There have been 45 or more tornadoes in the month of April so far. Normally May is a big month for tornadoes. I guess we will have to wait and see. I have lived through 3 in my lifetime, and I don't want to experience it again.

So guess I will go into the sewing room and work on the little quilt for a while. I don't have much left to do- just a coupla more rows. I am doing a quilt-as-you-go, so when big enough, I just have to put binding on.

Stay safe and dry. Keep your eyes on the sky. It's that time of year.

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