Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes, It Is Finally Spring!

If you have never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. Terri Guillemets

I know that cold will return next week, but I am just enjoying this week of warm. The March winds have been blowing, primarily from the South. I have been planting seeds, and trying to maintain a somewhat appearance of a tidy lawn. The weeds are quite prolific this Spring.

I am supposed to get company this weekend. I hope she does come. I am making myself stay indoors and clean a little bit. I know it is silly, but she has never seen my house and I would like to have the floors clean and the bathrooms clean. I have fresh linens on the bed in the guest room.

Patty got a major haircut yesterday, and the wild and wooly little dog is now the sleek and skinned dog that she evidently likes. She has been outside three times this morning and seems to be quite playful. She actually prances. It is so strange to see her act the way she does today.

I spent a lovely day on Saturday with CJE and JE. We went to the Spinning Guild meeting, visited with lots of folks, went to lunch with one of the friends from the group, and then headed back to my house. After some visiting and a wee nap by CJE, we headed to her house. We knit, talked, CJE wove on her scarf, and took a little walk. After the walk we ate a nice bowl of soup and then headed home.

It appears that more folks than just me are happy that Spring is finally making an appearance. We talked a lot about the weather with friends at the meeting, and I have heard lots of conversation in the stores when I am standing in line.

I got lots of compliments on my new sweater. It is really a sweet feeling to know that I have petted the sheep, I have helped shear the sheep, I have spun the wool, and I knit the sweater. It makes it feel different to me somehow. I guess this sounds somewhat silly, but it feels comfy to me.

I decided I needed a plain sock to knit when I am away from home. So I scrounged around in the huge box of leftovers and put together 4 skeins of blues, three of which are self-patterning yarns. I knit 4 rows and change colors. It is amazing how nice they look. I love them. I am so excited that I am about halfway down the foot already. I cast-on Friday night so I would have something to knit while I was at the meeting.

I haven't gotten a response from anyone about the giraffe sock and the gusset issue. No one seems to really understand my problem. I was talking to people on Saturday at the meeting, and CJ says, "How can you stay in pattern on the gusset if you keep changing the number of stitches?" I said, "Exactly. That's the problem!" So one person out of hundreds understands the problem. So I just went ahead and finished the gusset and said it will just have to look weird and not be right. I give up on this issue.

Normally I just do what I want to do when there is a weird pattern situation. I should have gone with my gut and put in a striped gusset and sole and put the pattern on top like I did for the pink socks. But I wanted to try to learn this, and it was just not working for me. Now I am frustrated and I don't like the sock because it looks wonky. Oh, well! Life is tough, huh?

Patty's out again. She is one little strange dog. Noodles is out on the screened porch in his favorite chair.

I think I am going to tackle the jacket I was trying to knit a coupla years ago and see if I can progress on that. I was knitting in a bulky handspun that I had dyed in Fall leaf colors. I think I can figure out where I left off. I think I stopped because the bulky yarn was beginning to hurt my hands to knit. I can't really remember, but I will try to bring it out. This is Spring, time for rebirth, right?

I also have another thing I was knitting, and it did not go well, and I just folded it up and put it in a basket. I think it is time to make a pillow or something out of that. It is time to clean up messes left behind.

I painted my kitchen last week. At least that is fresh. I want to do something with the cabinets. But not right now. Maybe between my company this weekend and my cousin's annual visit.

Guess that is all for right now. The wind chimes and the bell are really ringing loudly. The wind is up. I just washed one of the blankets and my garden gloves. So I guess I will put those out on the line to dry.

Enjoy the sun and the Spring temps. A cold front is supposed to blow in over the weekend. I am hoping for some rain soon. My bushes I planted last week are leafing and I am watering them every other day.

Gotta go. Have a good week.

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